The things you need to know about stains and washing products

Washing clothes does not seem to be a difficult process nowadays when the market is offering a large choice of various washing products as well as washing machines. Yet, there are many things one should know before washing clothes in order to make the process more effective and safe for clothes and the washing machine itself.

Crucial things you should remember about the choice of washing products

First of all, it is important to understand washing powders produced for manual washing are not suitable for washing machines. The reason for it is large foam created by such a washing product which does not allow clothes to move inside a washing machine properly which is required for effecting washing.

Secondly, it is recommended to have several washing products for different types of textile materials. Of course, this means you will have separate products for washing cotton, linen, wool and synthetic materials. This seems to be costly, however, having several different products for different types of clothes will still give you the same usage of washing product. The only possible issue in this case is a need to store them somewhere.

If you do not like such an idea, it is sensible to have at least a separate washing product dedicated to wool. This one can be used with other delicate fabrics as well. Such washing products are recommended due to the softening components which are making the washing process more delicate.

It might also be a good idea to have separate washing products for different colours of fabrics. They will protect your clothes from losing its colour.

How to get rid from stains on your clothes?

Certainly, the most obvious way to get rid of stains is to use a product specifically dedicated to this purpose, however, some types of fabric might not react to it well and lose its colour. In any case it is recommended to add a bit of the substance to your clothes and keep it water before washing in a washing machine.

Blood stains will be cleaned well if you keep a garment in the cold water before washing it. If your clothes has stains coming from a pen, you can first add a bit of alcohol to it and then clean in the washing machine. The same is useful for stains coming from fatty and oily products like food or a lipstick as well as nail polish. An alternative to alcohol is a liquid for nail polish removal. For wine stains, an effective way of cleaning includes a step with covering the stain with salt first.

If the clothes has stains after a contact with the ground, keeping it in the solution of water and vinegar is effective.

General recommendations on washing

One of the most important thing everyone should know is the fact it is a bad idea to use more washing powder than the instruction suggests. Firstly, it will create too much of foam and you have already learnt the reason why it is actually not good for washing. Secondly, the excessive amount of washing powder might not be rinsed from fabric properly leaving stains which you will have to wash afterwards.

Finally, the remains of washing powder on your clothes can cause skin allergies.

Another important thing one should understand is that high temperature is not necessarily more effective for washing clothes. For example, there is whole range of products containing protein ferments which are efficient in washing stains based on proteins, for example, coming from blood or dairy products. At the same time, they become inactive in high temperature.

One more recommendation is to add a spoonful of vinegar to the clothes which you want to prevent from shrinking and losing its colour.