Synthwave: the rise of the old-school beauty

If you are music fanatic or you just prefer playing music on youtube while doing your works, and, of course, if you have a good taste in music, you certainly have come across this genre. Synthwave dominates the YouTube and it is like a whole new nostalgic world has been opened to you. Thanks to the YouTube algorithm and the developers for developing such and amazing algorithm allowing the users to come across various music of a similar genre and discover more amazing work.

What is exactly synthwave?

Synthwave is a genre which is based on 80’s television commercials, music, the soundtracks of films and TV series but made in our modern times with much polished, sharper and edgy sound depending on the producer. This is the music that you will feel like you are having nostalgic feeling of the time when you did not even exist but you know that time while listening to this genre in the year of 2088. Yes, I know! If you have not gave this genre a go, you certainly should open it and listen to one of the mixes from good channels with such tags.

Where can you listen to synthwave?

There are many YouTube channels out there now, but the prime ones still remain in the ashes. I am going to tell you about them, but before that why is it such a big buzz or do I sound like I am making it a big shot? Nope! If you are quite a listener or a musician yourself, chances are 98% high that you have come across this genre one way or another.

Synthwave began to take its place slowly with the release of the movie ‘Drive’ by Nicolas Winding Refn and Ryan Gosling as the protagonist. This movie’s soundtrack basically opened up the portal for a whole new genre. The soundtrack was written by Kavinsky who is a french musician. Later on, there broke out a whole new genre with lot of new artist adapting to the same genre and taking it to the next level and shaped the genre to whole new world of classics.

Best thing about this genre is that this genre is a kind of a genre that appeals to almost any genres of music listeners even for the hardcore or biased ones like Hip-hop or Metal heads. Yes, the genre is appealing to almost everyone no matter what other genres you prefer.

Somehow if you manage to get in one of these Synthwave gigs, you may come across varieties of listeners gathered around to have one hell of a good time!

The major influence of the synthwave sound

This music is heavily based on the sounds made with vintage synthesizers or at least close replica to those sounds Some examples of them are pads, strings and raw edgy analogy lead sounds as well as drum machines and percussion. Later on, this genre broke into several sub-genres such as Chillwave, Coldwave, Cyberpunk and so on.

If you would like to taste the magnitude of this world, you should certainly start listening to channels like New Retro Wave which made the genre popular over the Internet. Prime Thanatos, Luigi Donatello, The 80’s guy, Electronic gems, Astral throb and others are suffice enough to leave the rest to the YouTube algorithm which will give you a plenty of ideas to explore authomatically.

If you want to start at the root, you can start listen to the Synthwave risers like Kavinsky itself, Mitch Murder, Perturbator, Dynatron and you will certainly love the latter two if you are a metal fan. Other musicians to pay your attention to are College, FM80, Lazerhawk and Com Truise. These are enough to start you off the earth. Have a blast!