These examples of superpower really exist

Everyone would like to have some super skill which will extend one’s physical or mental capacities to the extent which cannot be achieved by other people. Even though the super skills mentioned in various comics or sci-fi books seem to be a mere product of imagination, some people actually have untypical skills which can give them some advantage over others in particular situations. Still, as you will find in this article, the majority of such fantastic abilities are coming with some cost.

Super high sensitivity to taste

One of the most widespread super skill in people is particularly increased sensitivity to taste. Actually, according to the statistics, one in four people on our planet has such sensitivity, thus, it is really not rare.

People with rather increased sensitivity to taste feel the taste of different products more intensely than others. This means that salty dishes seem to be even more salty to them whereas sweet products are even sweeter. This sensitivity is particularly popular among women living in South America, Africa and Asia.

You might feel increased sensitivity to taste can be a great advantage for people who would like to work in the gastronomy industry as they will be able to get all the richness of tastes of different dishes. Unfortunately, the sensitivity is giving an absolutely adverse effect. People who are hyper4sensitive to food tend to find many popular products rather unpleasant since they can detect the taste of compounds invisible for others. At the same time, they might struggle with a bitter taste which they also feel rather acute. Many of hypersensitive people adding excessive amounts of salt and sugar to food in order to mask this taste.

Insensitivity to pain

You might have already come across people who have decreased sensitivity to pain. Amazing as it might seem, this is not even close to the people suffering from a genetic disease of neuropathy with anhidrosis. This health condition does not let the neuro cells responsible for experiencing pain coming from physical impact or drastic temperatures to be created. In such a way, such people are totally oblivious to any physical discomfort.

You might think such a unique feature of a body will help you to become a super sportsman or a soldier. In the reality, just like in the case of hypersensitivity to taste, people insensitive to pain should avoid this type of professions. With their health condition, they have to be particularly careful since their bodies will not give them any signals about injuries and damages. This can lead to severe traumas.

Hyper elastic skin

If you have ever seen gymnasts with their fantastic stretching, you might have thought about it as of a super skill. Still, gymnasts have just been working really hard in order to get thus stretched, whereas some people are born with a unique ability to stretch their joints and skin to an unbelievable level without any training.

This is possible due to a unique Ehlers-Danlos syndrome which is also a genetic illness affecting connective tissues based on an inappropriate collagen synthesis.

Even though the abilities of people with the Ehlers-Danlos syndrome look like real supermen, in the reality they have to pay a high price for it. Such people are rather prone to various injuries, whereas the damages of the tissues are not healed in the right way.

Extremely hard bones

One of the super skills some people have which has a relatively small side effect if it can be called in such a way is a mutation of the LRP5 gene. This mutation can make the bones of people extremely hard and literally unbreakable.

This phenomenon was first noticed in the man who got into a serious car crash. The entire car was destroyed whereas the man was safe and sound. Astounded doctors made a research and found out that his bones were at least eight times stronger than the bones of regular people. Some of the members of his family also had the same feature.

When it comes to the downside of having super strong bones, it is an increased probability of developing the polycystic liver syndrome.  

Infinite youth

One of the most mysterious conditions is a so-called neotenic complex syndrome. This extremely rare condition has not been studied properly since there are only three cases of its occurrence registered in the world.

The syndrome of the neotenic complex can be understood as infinite youth which might be connected with the genetic determinants of the process of aging. In all of these people some process went wrong stopping their development at a particular step. Thus, one of the unique people with this condition is a man who is thrice older than the level of the development of his body which is 10 years. An even more intense syndrome was developed in the woman who lived 20 years as a two-year-old.