Everything you need to know about urgency addiction

In all likelihood, you are already aware of the fact addictions can be not only of a chemical type which means a substance abuse of different forms. People can easily get addicted to various behavioural patterns as well which are not based on the impact which a chemical substance has on one’s brain.

According to modern experts, none can even get addicted to something which seems to be a negative experience such as living in a constant state of a hurry. This might seem absolutely absurd since being in a hurry triggers stress and a lot of negative feelings. How can one get addicted to something like this? It turns out, that the key part of such an addiction is a high one is getting when despite all of the obstacles and chances of being late, the person manages to finish the task in time. This triggers a d8ifefrent spectrum of positive feelings and make a person seek for such a lifestyle.

Typical symptoms of an urgency addiction

Certainly, for many people, it might be not thus obvious whether there is such an addiction after all. Completing our tasks in a hurry is a popular event in our lives, however, when exactly it is become an addiction? Here is a list you can use for checking yourself up.

First of all, people with an urgency addiction are constantly keeping a track of the time. Of course, people without an addiction can do it as well, yet, for the urgency addicts it becomes a habit which occurs not only during the working time but also when these people are trying to relax and enjoy their free time.

Undeniably, people with urgency addiction have an abnormally high speed of life which does not let them feel comfortable at any point. Unlike people who are really struggling with an excessive number of daily tasks as a result of some complicated life situation, for people with urgency addiction such a lifestyle becomes a standard which they are trying to live up to. This can be achieved in various ways and the most popular of them are certainly readiness of taking new tasks regardless of the amount of free time as well as resigning from having some time for oneself. For such people, every moment of their lives should be dedicated to some activity.

Some people, especially those who are experiencing difficulties with organising pone’s time and disciplining themselves might find such an addiction pretty attractive and useful. Even though it might appear as a feature boosting your productivity like nothing else, you should be aware of the fact such people tend to be rather unhappy. That is so since such a rhythm of life does not allow them to stop at least for a moment and enjoy it. Urgency addicts are constantly thinking about the future, their plans as well as the past failures. At the same time, the things one really loves doing are usually postponed for future which is in the reality making these things absolutely unreachable.

Ideas and feelings typical for the urgency addicts

There are even more features which can be found in the people addicted to urgency. If you are feeling you do not have enough time for yourself and what is left for you is just convincing yourself that you will soon have an opportunity to do everything you really want to do. For people with urgency addiction, dreaming becomes very difficult whereas they are constantly suffering from the feeling that they are running out of time.

Such people are gradually losing a simple skill to stop for a moment and think about the present. As a result, they stop thinking about the real sense of life as well as any spiritual values. They even do not know how to ask themselves about whether they are happy or not.

As you can notice, urgency addiction is a rather ser8ious issue because it can destroy one’s individuality. Everything starts from not paying enough attention to your own needs and not giving oneself enough time. With time, this will evolve into a more serious form.

What can you do about urgency addiction?

It might be rather difficult to get rid of urgency addiction. Not only the modern life really requires from us living in a hurry, but also there is the cult of successful people being worshiped nowadays which makes many people feeling they are not doing enough. Being constantly assessed and evaluated makes us feel stressed and not deserving to have rest which everyone needs. Furthermore, people feel they have to work even more and better which requires extra time. This time is stolen from the people you love and the things you love to do. This leads to a life which is rather distant from your real needs.

One of the most crucial things urgency addicts can do is trying to realise themselves and their surrounding at present moment rather than being stuck in the past or living in the thoughts about future. Yet, this might be rather difficult without trying mindfulness and meditation techniques.

In case you really cannot live without planning any more, you can create a plan for your free time as well including there your hobbies, meeting other people and sport.