Getting disappointed by your own dream

Have you ever been disappointed by your own dream? Unfortunately, this happens to people quite often. It is unfortunate not because being disappointed by your own dream is inappropriate or normal, it is unfortunate since it can leave people rather bewildered and confused.

There are many examples of dreaming eventually going wrong. Sometime sit happens when we have already achieved what we wanted so much only to realise we do not need it anymore. For instance, if you dreamed about moving to the countryside and you did everything to fulfil your plan just to discover than you prefer living in the city after all. Many people become frustrated by their dreams even before thy have a chance of getting to their final destination. Others just experience some sort of an event which will not let them move to their dream anymore. For example, the dreams of becoming a professional sportsman can be easily broken by a serious injury.

Changing goals and switching to new dreams is normal

Many people feel bad about not being interested in their goal anymore because it seems so immature. Of course, some of them have already spent years on hard work which is needed for achieving a goal, others have invested large sums of money in their dream. Now, you do not want to do it anymore, but you feel you have no right to resign from your previous plans.

You should understand that setting new goals is absolutely normal. We are changing and so is our perception of various things. The fact you have lost interest in your dream does not make you an irresponsible person who is switching from one goal to another one in a very chaotic way which make the existence aimless. You are growing and now you have different needs. This is actually a good feature since it is an indication of you being flexible and ready to change adapting to a new situation. It is a way better approach than getting stuck with one plan which might not have any sense today.

Give yourself time

Once you realise there is nothing wrong in changing your goals, you should give yourself time to prepare for a new goal. This is a crucial process as it will allow to understand yourself better and make a good decision for your future.

Leaving your dreams is similar to a separation with your partner which can be rather difficult. Some people can even get a severe depression because of not understanding what to do once they stop dreaming about the things which used to be thus important for them. It can be especially hard for those who had to resign from the dream because of some external obstacles rather than due to their internal changes.

One of helpful things to come over the loss of your dream, especially if you are in that second situation, is listing all of the negative aspects of actually achieving your dream. This can be very helpful for coping with a new situation. Just like it is the case of the dream of doing sports professionally, you can think about all of the health issues and risks of having an even worse injury.

While you are letting yourself to grieve because of your dream, you should maintain calmness and not to immediately search for something new. In all likelihood, you are not prepared for making a right decision and you will only get into something which is not really what you need. Swapping one dream for another can get you into some mess which will not let you understand your real feelings and expectations.

Understand what you really want

Although it might be not thus simple to figure out what you really want to do, there are some ways you can try in order to analyse your real needs.

For example, according to many psychologists, the kind of work we are having or a hobby we are enjoying is not the most crucial part of these activities. What really matters is what kind of feelings these activities are giving us.

For instance, you wanted to become an actor and for some reason, you had to resign from that dream. just think about the real reasons which made this profession so attractive to you. Might it be that you love being in the spotlight? Or you love having an impact on the feelings of other people? If these are the things you really feel, becoming an actor is just one of the variety of options you have. You can try starting your own blog, search for a job on a radio station or even switch to teaching. You just should understand that a profession of an actor is only a tool with which you can achieve other things you really want.

Another option you can try is analysing what exactly you do not like about your previous dream. As an example, you might have been interested in an artistic carrier but realised you actually need more simplicity and stability. Keep on this feeling and remember about it while setting your new goal. Try new hobbies, meet with new people and don’t forget to recall all of your dreams from childhood. All of these things can be helpful for finding your new dream.