Fix your autoimmune disease with a non-inflammatory diet

Unfortunately, modern Western societies are suffering from a range of autoimmune diseases. What is worse, it is extremely difficult to distinguish the roots of these diseases and, therefore, doctors can only treat the symptoms of such conditions instead of addressing the reasons causing these health conditions. Yet, a special clean diet has proved to be helpful for treating a range of autoimmune diseases including asthma, allergies, candidosis and skin problems by switching to a clean diet. What is a non-inflammatory diet and how it can help you is discussed in this article.

Refuse from eating toxic food

Undeniably, everyone knows what toxic food might include. The majority of people will immediately think about all artificial substances added to the processed food, heavy metals that are so widespread in sea and ocean fish as well as nitrates coming from herbicides and fertilisers used for growing vegetables and fruits. Yet, not everyone realises that such ordinary products as sugar, gluten and lactose can be rather harmful.

Certainly, those people who are already suffering from diabetes, celiac disease or lactose intolerance definitely won’t include these products into their diet. Still, the truth is, you do not necessarily have to suffer from any type of diabetes in order to experience the harmful effects of consuming sugary products since this product is harmful for absolutely anyone. When it comes to gluten and lactose, many people don’t realise they can’t tolerate these substances up to a particular extent despite the fact they do not have any typical symptoms related to the sensitivity to gluten or lactose.

Generally, lactose, gluten and sugar are substances that can be regarded as inflammatory. While regular consuming sugar increases the level of sugar in the blood in any person, thus, causing inflammation inside the body, gluten and lactose can be inflammatory in people with even the slightest intolerance of these substances.

While resigning from eating sugar is simple and obvious, there is also a question whether you really shout stop consuming products including lactose and glutose especially taking into consideration the fact these substances are usually contained in the foods of very high nutritional value. If you are one of those people wondering what can be done in such a situation, you can follow the next recommendations.

Who should try a non-inflammatory diet?

A non-inflammatory diet is something you should definitely check if there is any autoimmune condition in your body, even if it seems to be not a severe one. For example, if you are suffering from returning acne, however you are sure there is no problems with hormones in your body, you should check the possibility of suffering from internal inflammation caused by sugar, lactose or gluten.

A non-inflammatory diet is definitely worth trying it if you have some conditions that simply can’t be addressed with any real treatment. You are either getting rid of their symptoms or it seems like whenever you recover from the condition, it quickly returns to you.

The thing is it is really difficult to predict the exact way of the development of such inflammations in various people. That is why doctors themselves have problems with defining these conditions. However, the chances that appropriate modifications of your regular diet will help you to get rid of one of autoimmune diseases are quite strong.

A non-inflammatory diet – give it a try

Now, if you are really interested in try a non-inflammatory diet, but you are still not sure whether it will help in your case, it is advised to check its effects on your health during a month.

According to this nutritional plan, you should stop consuming any sugary food which includes not only sweets, chocolates, cookies, ice-cream and soft drinks but also ready-to-use sauces, breakfast cereals and many other items that actually include sugar.

Another group of products you can’t eat on a non-inflammatory diet is a range of milk products containing lactose. Generally, they are dairy products that haven’t been fermented. Still, you can also check your tolerance of casein that is the proteins of cow’s milk. Although this type of intolerance is rather rare, you might be interested in ruling out this possibility by our small nutritional experiment.

Finally, you can’t eat anything containing gluten which are the products with oats, wheat and barley.

Arrange your dietary plan for a month in such a way as you will be able to stay away from these products. Observe all the symptoms in your body that might occur during this time. Of course, if won’t see any positive effects, you can just resign from this diet, but wait until the month ends in order to get an objective picture of the results of the experiment.

In case you feel some benefits from this diet, you will have to learn which product exactly caused this inflammation which is especially true for lactose and gluten. In order to do it, include the products that were not allowed by the diet gradually, which means adding a new product every two weeks. Observe any changes in your body and you will be able to figure out whether your problems were caused by gluten, lactose, sugar or a combination of them.