Simple tips for decluttering

Would you like to live in a house which is always clean and not spend long hours for maintaining this neatness? For many people, this task seems impossible for completing, yet, not everyone realises that what actually doesn’t allow us to live in a tidy and well ordered place is the amount of clutter that is stored there. That’s why the first step to a better life in your own home whether it is an expensive mansion or an old single-room flat is getting rid of unnecessary things.

The benefits of unclutteredness

For many of us, clutter is an intrinsic part of all our possessions. Anything can be clutter: the presents we don’t like or need, things we considered to be sentimental which don’t have any practical appliance, items we have bought ourselves and keep in our houses only because we have paid for them as well as downright trash including old bills, cheques, printed advertisements and many other things that are piling up on our shelves making it even more difficult to sort them.

All these items need place to be stored. If you fail to declutter your home, it will need more and more storing options taking the free space that you can just enjoy around you. Thus, even the largest houses can quickly become overloaded.

Needless to say, the more things you have at home, the more difficult it is to organise them and clean the place. At the same time, people with a modest amount of possessions have an opportunity to enjoy being in a tidy home even if it is rather small. Undeniably, a large number of unused things surrounding us destructs us from our tasks, makes us feel suffocated inside our own houses and drains us from energy.

Obviously, it’s high time to start decluttering!

Get rid of the things that do not bring you a feeling of joy

Certainly, this tip can’t be applied to each and every thing that you have in your home, but a great number of things actually can be tested for the amount of positive feelings it raises in us. Of course, clothes, cosmetics and items of interior design are just some of the most obvious examples of such objects.

For instance, when you look at your wardrobe, especially the one that is utterly overstuffed, you might find there are many pieces of clothes that actually don’t make you feel great while you are wearing them. Even if the clothes fits you well, it still doesn’t mean you really enjoy putting it on. Certainly, if the clothes doesn’t fit you at all and you can’t wear it even if you want, means you definitely should get rid of it not waiting for your body to change dramatically so that it is possible to get into that pair of trousers or sweater.

Don’t keep to equal things

Again, this rule can be applied to your wardrobe or cosmetics in the first place, but you might find clones among other objects at home.

Of course, in some cases, there is nothing bad in have two equal things, for example, some basic clothes that you wear regularly and need to have at least one item clean and ready-to-use. Still, you might notice that some of the pieces of your clothes really resemble each other very much and you can easily make do only with one thing easily.

Create a box for isolation

A box for isolation is a great way to understand whether you need your possession or not. Whenever you are decluttering and find something you are not sure about, you can put it into a special place, for example a box and then hide this box for a particular time. The period of time you give to your box of isolation depends on your own preferences – it can be three months or an entire year.

Whenever you need this item, you will just get it out of the box, however, if the period is over and you still haven’t used this thing at least once, it is the best argument for throwing it away.

Use your camera

When you are looking at your room, you might not be aware of things that shouldn’t really be there. You might be so used to the appearance of the space that your eye is not able to pick up such things. Yet, if you make a photo and look at the same room on the picture, in all likelihood, it will appear to you in a totally different way. Then, you can notice that something is actually wrong or needs some moderate improvements.

Imagine moving out of your home

Let’s pretend you are going to move out to another place from your home and it is impossible to take each and every possession you have. What do you really want to see in your new home? This is a great way to understand which items from your belongings are really important for you.

Don’t let things to mean too much for you

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, everyone has some things that have some metaphysical meaning in them. This might be presents given by an important person, some souvenirs from your trips or anything else. There is nothing wrong in owning such objects but you can’t allow these memories and sentiments to overload the space inside your home that you need for your life right now. That’s why do your best in decreasing the amount of such things.

For instance, you can limit the number of such objects to a shoe box and fill it only with the ones that can be fitted there.

Use these simple recommendations and keep your home clean!