What can you do to reduce the amount of dust at home?

While some people do not pay particular attention to dust at their homes, for others having a dustless space at home can be crucial. Dust on the floor and shelves is not a mere issues of aesthetics. This is a perfect place for bacteria and other microorganisms to grow. Many of them can cause various malaises, especially allergic reactions. That is why dusting can be really crucial.

Still, no matter how frequently you are cleaning your home from dust, sometimes it seems that it comes back even right after you have a cleaning session. This can be rather frustrating and certainly demotivating to wipe it at all. That is why you should be aware of several things about dust at home which will help you to reduce its overall amount so as it will not return thus quickly.

Pay attention to textiles at your home

One of the major sources of dust are textiles. First of all, dust itself has small particles of textiles. At the same time, various fabrics and furs can perfectly store large amounts of dust which are not thus visible to you, however, they are released to the air any time such fabrics are touched. Do not think that if you are not throwing piles of clothes around your place, it means that it there is no way for an excessive amount of dust at your home to be connected with textiles. There are many other things made of textiles.

In fact, all of your soft furniture unless it is made of leather, curtains, tablecloth, towels, decorative cushions and carpets are a primary source of dust.

If you are really allergic to dust, you might consider resigning from some of these items. For instance, reduce the amount of cushions and resign from having a tablecloth just for the sake of an attractive appearance of the room. Do not forget that not only is bedclothes gathering dust but also pillows and blankets themselves have dust inside. Otherwise, you should wash of these items regularly. Note that even if you are using a different type of a window covering from curtains, for example, window blinds, you should still clean them regularly. It is recommended to wash chemically the entire furniture from time to time.

Carpets are prone to getting dusty most of all. No matter whether you have a carpet made of natural wool or some artificial material, they will certainly collect a lot of dust. While artificial carpets are particularly prone to attracting particles of dust due to nature of the polymers they are made of which tend to create electrostatic potential working as a magnesium for dust, Natural woollen carpets are an ideal place for proliferation not only of microorganisms but even fungi and bugs.

For that reason, woollen carpets should be disinfected on a regular basis whereas having your entire floor covered with a carpet might not be a good idea at all.

Other places prone to getting dusty

The majority of people absolutely forget to clean the dust from the ceiling although this part of your house can also get a layer of dust. The same goes for the lamps hanging on the ceiling.

Needless to say, the more things you are keeping out of closed drawers and wardrobes, the more dust you will have at home. Open shelves are a nice way to display your possessions however each of them will be catching a lot of dust from the air. If it is thus important for you to be able to exhibit some of your possessions, you will can try cabinets with glass doors.

Your attention to the entrance mat if you have one. Such an item can be very useful preventing the dirt and dust coming from outside from spreading around your house. Yet, it is recommended to have a mat made of rubber rather than a carpet-like one made of a textile material. The first kind of a mat is easy to wash and keep clean whereas another one will be getting dirty rather quickly.

Of course, you should be aware of the fact that a lot of dust is coming from your windows. Here, you should just maintain some balance. On the one hand, it is necessary to let some fresh air inside however, in case you live near a construction site, it might not be a good idea to keep the windows opened for too long.

You should also remember about keeping you pet clean. The fur of your pet has an effect similar to carpets that is why you should really do your best to groom your animals frequently.

Other ideas for a clean space

Some experts recommend using air moisturisers. These devices will help you not only to achieve a necessary level of moisture in the air for your well-being but also to reduce the static electricity which attracts dust thus much. This will decrease the movement of the particles of dust around your house and cleaning will not be required thus frequently.

It is suggested to set the level of moisture for your house between 30% and 50%.

Finally, there is also a special device called an air cleanser which resembles of a vacuum cleaner. Such a device will get the air inside and filter it cleaning from various particles. Actually, air cleaners are very effective helping to get rid of up to 99% of small particles.